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Publications since 2001

  • Georg Stoecklin & Oliver Mühlemann (2013). RNA decay mechanisms: Specifcity through diversity (Editorial for special issue on RNA decay mechanisms).
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  • Silvia Vivarelli, Silvia C. Lenzken, Marc-David Ruepp, Francesco Ranzini, Andrea Maffioletti, Reinaldo Alvarez, Oliver Mühlemann, Silvia M. L. Barabino (2013). Paraquat Modulates Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing by Modifying the Intracellular Distribution of SRPK2.
    PLOS ONE, April 2013 | Volume 8 | Issue 4 | e61980

  • Christoph Schweingruber, Simone Rufener, David Zünd, Akio Yamashita and Oliver Mühlemann (2013). Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay – mechanisms of substrate mRNA recognition and degradation in mammalian cells.
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    RNA 17:2094-2107

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    Mol. Cell 8:33-44.
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